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Our Mathematics Projects:

  • are based on intensive research into students’ thinking about mathematical concepts.
  • promote interaction among students to conjecture, prove, refute, and extend ideas.
  • build communication skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and critical listening.
  • engage diverse populations of student learners.
  • address the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, with an emphasis on the Standards for Mathematical Practice, and guiding principles for school mathematics set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • improve student achievement.

In Support of this Mission, Our Work Includes:

  • understanding of students’ mathematical thinking and learning.
  • creation of effective curricula and other support materials.
  • promotion of applications of technology.
  • professional development opportunities.
  • support of schools engaged in mathematics reform.


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A Modeling Approach to Algebra

A Modeling Approach to Algebra is a curriculum that targets specific high school standards from the section, Traditional Pathway: High School Algebra I, in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics while also emphasizing the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice, which are at the foundation of the mathematics standards.
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Math Teachers’ Circle of Hawai‘i

The Math Teachers’ Circle of Hawai‘i (MaTCH) is a professional organization of mathematicians, educators, and mathematics educators who meet regularly to engage in mathematical problem-solving activities in order to further their own math knowledge as well as to develop their skills in anticipating students’ struggles, so that they might better mitigate and solve systemic problems in mathematics education.
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Measure Up

is an elementary grades research and development mathematics project that focuses on developing children’s algebraic thinking, conceptualization, and skills. The mathematics and instructional approach being studied focuses on how students use non-numeric quantities (i.e., length, area, volume, and weight) in a measurement context to develop understandings of mathematics concepts.
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DTE@ Mathematics

DTE@ Mathematics professional development modules use multimedia materials to provide practicing teachers   an opportunity to learn from leading mathematics teacher educators about key topics in elementary mathematics education.
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News & Events

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Mathematics Professional Development Program Continues to Grow and Innovate - Curriculum Research and Development Group

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Professional Development

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At CRDG we believe that in order to produce real change through program implementation, teachers must be provided with ongoing professional development opportunities.
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